Tuesday, 1 June 2010

House Tropical Plants

The Cold Hardy Windmill Fan Palm tree originated on the island of Chusan off the east coast of China, and also the Windmill palm tree is commonly known as the Chinese or Chusan Fan Palm. Robert Fortune smuggled Windmill palm plants from China into the Kew Horticultural Gardens and into the Royal garden of Prince Albert of England in 1849 once the Opium trees are still growing gracefully as a distinguished, exotic, rare tree at Kew Gardens, a palm of noble bearing.
From Kew Gardens in England, the Windmill Palm tree was spread throughout Europe, from the Mediterranean hot climates of Italy and Greece to a cold hardy testing ground in the landscape gardens of Switzerland and Bulgaria, where the Windmill Palm trees have remarkably survived, leaves even remaining inexperienced when coated with ice or snow.
Although most Windmill Palm nursery growers are conservative in advocating the Palm tree planting to be restricted to growing in zones 8-10; alternative recommend and guarantee this rare palm tree to grow in zones 3-10. There has been a rush nursery retailers to plant Palm trees for the house gardener, who needs that tropical look and accent around his pool or patio. Palm tree is planted at plant nurseries from seed, where they grow regarding one foot annually.