Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bamboo House Plants

Clumping bamboo consists of over five hundred species, and is less adaptable than the running bamboo species. The overwhelming majority of clumping bamboo species grow in the tropical, and sub-tropical regions round the world, however, many species can grow in the southern united states, zones 7 – ten. Clumping bamboo, as the name suggests, grows into giant grass-like clumps with the stalks growing tightly together, and expanding 360 degrees outwards, to succeed in a diameter of ten – 15 feet.
clumping bamboo is thought to have smaller diameter poles than running bamboo, because the varieties growing in the two ½ inches. observation, however, is a misconception, some of the largest bamboo in the world is found in the clumping bamboo cultivar s, but those species are only found in the tropics or sub-tropical regions. Of the 500 and species of clumping bamboo, the genus, most wildly grown in the lower united states.
Bambusa multiplex “Alphonse Karr” bamboo grows variegated, bright yellow stalks with green pin-stripes. Alphonse Kerr grows fast to one -2 inches in diameter, and poles up to 50 feet tall. Alphonse Karr striped bamboo was named in honour of the French botanist-novelist, of the nineteenth century, who admired this beautiful specimen plant of striped bamboo.